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Welcome to philoxenia cuddlecoast baby care service!

Founded by a passionate young lady with a deep love for babies, my journey began by working in numerous nurseries and also looking after my God-children. The joy and fulfilment I found in nurturing and caring for them ignited a desire to do more with kids and with that passion driven force , I decided to turn my love for baby care into a business.

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At Philoxenia cuddle coast, we are dedicated to providing a safe , nurturing and stimulating environment for babies. Our team are committed to ensure that every child receives the utmost care and attention they deserve. We also understand the importance of early childhood development and strive to create an environment that promotes growth, learning and happiness.

With our focus on personalised care, we tailor all our services to meet the unique needs of each child, whether it's providing a loving and secure environment, engaging in enriching activities or offering guidance and support to parents, philoxenia cuddlecoast are here every step of the way.

Our nannies are skilled in feeding, diaper changing, engaging in playtime activities, ensuring nap time routines and creating a safe and nurturing environment.

We believe that every child deserves the best start in life and we are honoured to be a part of their journey. Join us at philoxenia cuddlecoast babycare service and let us provide your little ones with the love and care they deserve.

Thank you for considering us as your trusted partner, we can't wait to meet you and your precious bundle of joy.
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18 Gaywood Close,
London, UK, SW2 3PN
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+44 7808 560418
+44 7808 560418